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(( Hello, my dears! I wanted to let you know that I won’t be around tonight. This week has not been all that great for me, so I’m taking the day off to knit / read / sew / eat chocolate / just generally relax.

Love to you all! I’ll be around again tomorrow. Until then, stay wonderful! <3

- Miri ))

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If you do not find a way, no one will

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Eowyn, Cosplay Refs and Help
The Two Towers

OH, my goodness, Eowyn has so many wonderful outfits doesn’t she! This is part 1, with The Return of the King outfits in a separate post.

White Wool Dress: While this dress films white, it is actually a slightly cream, fine wool blend. Embroidery at the neckline, belt, sleeve seams, upper sleeves (which is more cording tacked down than embroidery to be honest), and the very edge of the outer sleeves. Outfit also has inner sleeves of slightly different, more detailed fabric. The top edge of the sleeve is at fingertip length and the bottom hangs just below the knee. Worn with flat white, mid-calf boots that front lace, a gold and blue necklace, and simple gold earrings.

Image details and costume analysis: (1) (2) (3)[this one uses a 3D printer for the metal belt!] (4)

How to make: (1)

Green Velvet Gown: From the FIDM exhibit booklet: "Bottle green fitted gown (cote hardie) of textured velvet with embroidered ribbons on collar and shoulder, lined with olive/silver jacquard, and a gold necklace. This dress features funnel sleeves and a hip girdle of metal rosettes. Medieval dresses were created to puddle at the feet, so they were cut longer than the woman’s actual height. The designer indicated that this was her favorite dress of all those she created for the film.

I could copy all of the reference images and costume analysis and how-to-make tips over from this really divine website, or you could just check it out yourself - Costumer’s Guide

Refugee Dress: Consists of two main parts, a gray-blue underdress (at times also worn with the Shieldmaiden vest/corset from The Return of the King) and a simple brown overdress. Both made from a crinkly material, possibly linen. complete with brown leggings/tights and travel boots.

Image details and costume analysis: (1) (2) (3

Travelling Coat: A fitted, long-sleeved dress made from tan matelasse (read: a heavily patterned, textured jacquard) that falls to about mid-calf in front, ankle length in back. Has eight decorative buttons running up the front, and a gold pin (the same one worn on the funeral garb). Worn with the same brown leggings/tights and travel boots from the Refugee Dress.

Image details and costume analysis: (1) (2) (3)

How to make: (1) (2) (3)

Funeral Garb: Made from taupe-patterned, blue velvet, the gown is similar to the Green Velvet Gown and differs primarily in collar type. The sleeve, skirt, and mantle lining are likely made from a slightly lighter blue cotton. Uses the same belt pattern as the green and white gowns, and the gold pin from the Travelling Cloak. There is also an underskirt and a yoke, both made from the same material. Also worn with the Circlet and simple gold earrings.

Image details and costume analysis: (1) (2)[also includes basic making tips]


  • Circlet - same 5-point flower motif repeated throughout Eowyn’s wardrobe
  • Jewelry - same 5-point flower motif repeated throughout Eowyn’s wardrobe
  • Wig (note - if you wear a wig, which we generally recommend, make sure you purchase a wig cap! You can find cheap ones at most drug stores like CVS and Walgreens, as well as general goods stores such as Walmart, Kmart, Target, and larger Tescos) - a 28” length is just about perfect for this character. The ideal color is somewhere between a blend of light and golden blonde, and styles between a frizzy light crimp and loose-braid waves depending on the outfit. Wig should be mostly one length, with no bangs.
  • White dress boots and stockings - in this image, the wearer held the stockings up with garters. However, white tights would work just as well, and potentially be cheaper if you don’t already own garters.

General tips:

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      Where were you hoping to be?


         Sure, there’s plenty of hotels around here. 
      I take it you’ve got money?

He smiled vaguely. “Somewhere more familiar.”

"I have little enough, but it ought to suffice for one night’s shelter."

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He snorted and placed the empty mug as quietly as he could on the table. “Such a skeptic.” He could tease Leo now, but in reality Mikhail was no more fond of medicines and doctors. Going to the hospital was something he strictly avoided, a blatant phobia of needles making him too embarrassed to seek out the place. But this wasn’t for him, and he hated to see his friend wallow so when there was something to be done.

"You are beyond the help of ibuprofen. Besides, can you really handle getting a pill out of the little maraca that is the medicine bottle?" He poked the top of Leo’s bowed head gently. "And why do they put headache medicine in the loudest container possible? Seriously, there’s an urgent care place just over on east side. We can go and get something to help…"

"Yes," Leo said, unashamedly. After his mother’s death, there had been no one to fret over his scraped knees or sore throats. He had learned to cure his ills with Band-Aids and ibuprofen, and did not place much stock in more complicated pills or bandages. One brand of headache-reducers served as well as another. Obtaining a different prescription for the same medication was not worth the effort.

He frowned. “Urgent care is for the dying. Or for hypochondriacs. I don’t like to think of myself as either.” Opening his eyes with a sigh, Leo straightened in his seat. He let his hands fall to the table. “Going into urgent care with a migraine is like limping into the ER with a broken toe.”

A sudden stab of pain made him wince. His hand shot to his head. “—All right,” he conceded, gritting his teeth. “You’re right.”

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Mikhail rolled his eyes and huffed, sipping his coffee and watching the man squeeze his own skull between his hands to alleviate some pressure. It was becoming a hassle with how often these things happened, and while Mikhail was sympathetic, it was difficult when the other refused so adamantly to seek any relief from it.

"They have medicine that can help, if you weren’t so stubborn. And not your regular headache pills either." He stuck his face down in the cup to drain the last bit, then leaned forward to stare at Leo. "Let me take you to the doctor. You don’t have to just wait it out like this. You know they’re getting longer too."

"No doubt they do. They have medicine for almost anything these days - pills, vaccines, IVs, and more. Nowadays we have the luxury of picking our poisons." His fingers continued to massage his temples, cool against his hot brow. "If you cannot tell," he said flatly, "I am not fond of doctors."

Mikhail was right. Leo knew that. And a small, reasonable part of him urged him to listen to his friend. The rest of him, however, had inherited his father’s stubbornness. A doctor’s appointment would be nothing but hassle, and that was last thing Leo needed in the middle of exams. He got little enough sleep as it was. “Just give it time,” he muttered. “There’s ibuprofen somewhere around here. I’ll go find that, if it’ll make you worry less.”

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mikhailvalhidris; AU: Modern; (( Hope you don't mind I put it in a text post!; It'll be a bit cleaner this way haha; and yessss; modern AU is one of my favorites ));
Anonymous: "Tell me they’re lying." The girl was barely more than a child, with wispy brown hair, nearly grey it was so drained in color, her clothes ragged and hanging about her thin frame. Her eyes were wild, face tearstained. Her hands gripped at the fabric of his sleeve, clinging for support, as if she might fly away. "Please, tell me they're lying, I won't believe it." she rambled, brown eyes looking pleadingly up at the strange mans face.

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He knelt beside her and gathered her in his arms. Her bird-like legs trembled, her breaths coming short and fast. The child tucked her head into Legolas’ neck as he lifted her, clinging to him as though he might disappear. She smelled of tears and dust.

Breathing her in, he drew her closer still. 

"Little one, you must be brave." The words rang hollow even as they left his lips. Legolas tried again. “Be strong—-“

He stopped, hating himself, hating that he could not think of better words with which to comfort the child. When his own mother had died, he had loathed those words, ‘Be strong’. They meant nothing. They healed nothing. And all anyone did was repeat them, over and over, as though somehow they could fill the space his mother had left behind her.

Legolas sighed. His soft breath made the girl’s hair dance and flutter for a moment before it settled. “Little one,” he began again, “I know what it is to lose someone dear. I myself—” He hesitated. He spoke of his mother to no one, not even to his father. But the child clutched him so tightly and trembled so violently that the words came to his lips all the same. “I myself lost my mother. I was young, then - though not quite so young as you. Thus, it pains me to tell you that you heard correctly. Would that I had better news for you! Oh, little one,” he sighed, and pressed a kiss to her brow. “You will find the strength to carry on. This I know.”

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      You seem a little lost there, sir.

"I fear that I am. And as the sun is setting, it seems unlikely that I shall cease being lost before nightfall.


"Might you know of a place nearby where one might pass the night?"

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"By the stars! I have lost it." Kneeling, he peered across the floor, searching for the glint of light on metal. Seeing nothing, he sat back onto his heels and looked up at the human behind him. "Have you perchance seen a silver coin roll by?"

Tue, 22nd April
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mikhailvalhidris: "Well maybe if you actually bothered to go see someone about it this wouldn’t keep happening."

Random Sentence Memes (Sickness Edition)

"I’m fine." Fingers rubbing slow circles into his temples, Leo closed his eyes. There was a drumming in his head that made him wince. Migraines were growing more frequent these days. "It will pass."

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