Strange things await us by the eaves of the forest. But come, come! Walk with me a while! Though the road ahead is dark, there is still hope to be found in a friend's
company, or in a song.

Indie Legolas RP.


The Riddle of Strider

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15 of the healthiest foods you can eat to help you lose weight. 

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A ghost story (by Robin Halioua)

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Lord of the Rings + The Hobbits covered in snow

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The forces from Dol Guldur had been defeated four times by the Elves of Lórien. So then on March 28, Celeborn led many elves from Lothlórien across the river Anduin in a fleet of boats. The elves invaded. When they reached Dol Guldur, a defense had already been prepared and the siege endured some days. As they marched on the fortress, bows strung, a group of orcs mounted on the backs of Wargs and Giant Spiders charged them. They were soon shot down.

 When the fortress was surrounded, Galadriel slowly walked to the fortified gate of the fortress. Orcish arrows flew about her, yet her Elven Ring protected her. With a gentle push from her ladyship, the gates swung forward and Galadriel with her ring cast down the walls, foul pits, crevices, caused grasses, and fruit trees to grow. The evil realm of Dol Guldur was finally destroyed. Galadriel caused an Elanor flower to grow in the middle of the old fortress. The forest was cleansed.

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hell hath no fury {listen} » with dark eyes and a wicked smile, her lips are slick with red and ready to devour. her fury knows no bounds and she will find you no matter where you run. it’s time for the hunted to become the hunter.

1. KILL OF THE NIGHT - gin wigmore /// 2. LOSE YOUR SOUL - dead man’s bones /// 3. BLOOD FOR POPPIES - garbage /// 4. FRESH BLOOD - eels /// 5. COLD - aqualung & lucy schwartz /// 6. NOBODY’S DAUGHTER - hole /// 7. MY GUN - the rubens /// 8. ME & THE DEVIL - soap&skin /// 9. EMPIRE (CREEP REMIX) - alpines  /// 10. GUTS - alex winston /// 11. NIGHT & DAY - sarah blasko /// 12. GALLOWS - cocorosie /// 13. BLOODY SHIRT (BASTILLE REMIX) - to kill a king /// 14. DEVIL WITH LIPSTICK - christine hoberg /// 15. SHAKE ME DOWN - cage the elephant /// 16. AYA - black rebel motorcycle club /// 17. MAGIC ARROW - timber timbre /// 18. PILGRIM (MS MR REMIX) - mø

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my mind is too turbulent for your calm waters.
be my anchor, and keep me steady.

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(( YES oh gosh

Can you imagine that though? He sends a letter to one of the tailors in Mirkwood asking for a dress in the local style. The tailor mails him back asking what sort of person do you want it for? And what’s her size and what colors does she like? And Legolas sends all the requested information.

A few months later, the clothes arrive. Legolas is so excited to finally give Margaery her gown - and then opens it to find that outfit, which is modeled on the Mirkwood hunters’ uniform. And in the package is a note from the tailor that’s like, “So you told me about this woman and idk she sounds like she needs badass clothes more than she does dresses oh and I had a Mirkwood bow made for her too hope she likes it!” ))

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he had seen the horror of mordor and could not forget it

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Elvish feast in Mirkwood


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No-Knead Crusty Artisan Bread

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